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100% FREE
πŸ“¦ News & Tools - Covid-19 & more
πŸ“ˆ Pulse - security scanning & more
πŸ“Ÿ Life - life calculators
πŸ“Ÿ Cardiology - cardiology calculators

Better Apps (easy $1/mo/user)
πŸš€ Chatsi - a better WhatsAppβ„’
πŸš€ Talamyte - a better Zoomβ„’ 
πŸš€ Eatareal - setup food order/pickup
πŸš€ InStorePickup - setup order/pickup/*any* store 
πŸš€ Zanzer - setup grocery w/curbside
πŸš€ LMS - publish your courses
πŸš€ Jobsta - service business mgmt
πŸš€ Eatzas - a better UberEatsβ„’ 
πŸš€ Ridewiz - rideshare

Earnings Tools
🀯 Creative Learning
πŸ“ˆ Technical Learning
πŸ‘Œ  Appsta - React Native App Builder
βœ… Drive Eatzas - earn 90%
βœ… Drive Ridewiz - earn 90%

Remoting - Ability - Means

Your | Safety

Our Commitment 
We provide high-quality, security-hardened apps for free and connected-data-retention at $1/mo/user & $3/mo/user enterprise. It costs us a lot of money on the cloud firestore backends to run our apps in this manner. We nonetheless don't pass that cost on to you.  It's the best deal for protecting your data privacy & retention, which includes GDPR, CCPA & "beyond" HIPAA protections, scanning & locks (even if Google w/HIPAA protections itself is breached). We protect your data access for data-in-flight & data-at-rest with special lock code on our cloud db clusters with near 100% uptime (SLA). We never sell or rent your data to anyone for any reason (privacy). We're a small healthcare & medical research technical solutions team building real products that matter & give back to our communities. See also Announcements.

 Chatsi (Q3)


Core team of expert managers, developers and medical & healthcare ops researchers is formed. - 2013


Lots of integrations, research & consulting. Code. Build. Deploy. Sleep. Repeat. - 2013-2019


Here we are!
Pandemic-specific solutions ideated, designed, developed. Fast. - 2020 (see also Announcements)






Sqreen | Runtime Application Protection

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