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⚡ Be the customer. NOT the product. ⚡
❌ Ugh! AI algorithms against you
❌ Ugh! We must stop being naive.
✔️ Privacy-first. 100% full-featured.
✔️ NO AI is used against you.
✔️ Own your data forever.
✔️ Green, USA-integrated & serviced.



✔️ 100% Democratized access.
✔️ 100% Privacy-First solutions.
✔️ 100% Made In America high-quality.
✔️ 100% green & contactless.
✔️ Carbon-negative footprint.
✔️ We're transparent and we renew our commitment to you every day by providing high-quality, security-hardened & full-featured workflow apps & connected secured-data retention.
✔️ Also scaling enterprise plans soon as a first-class citizen. We never sell or rent your data to anyone for any reason (see our privacy policy, cookies & usage terms).

✔️ Democratized = Access for All! Best lowest prices guaranteed! We're a small healthcare & medical research technical solutions team building real-life products that matter & give back to our communities & our planet. (more About Us | Tech + Security).
✔️ Our hybrid-cloud backends costs a ton of money to run our apps & secured database clusters. We never pass that cost on to you.

✔️ We offer the ultimate data safety for you!
✔️ It's the best deal for protecting your data privacy & retention, which includes GDPR, CCPA & "beyond" HIPAA protections, scanning & locks (even in worst-case scenarios where Google Cloud w/HIPAA protections is itself breached somehow which we have no control of).

✔️ We protect your data access for app-to-db data-in-flight & data-at-rest with near perfect 100% up-time performance (see our Systems Status Page and/or Main Uptime SLA Page at our CMS).

✔️ Our team is dedicated and working for you. We're constantly working to develop the best apps for you. Many 100% FREE and others just $1/month starting!
✔️ See more of us at Lisaiceland and our CMS.

⚡ Design. Precision.⚡
⚡ Democratized privacy-1st tools.
⚡ Personal & Business Use
⚡ Easy Highly-Intuitive
⚡ Green Carbon-Negative
⚡ Integrated HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA
✔️ Deployed on Infinitas.Cloud
✔️ Powered by myClinApps
✔️ 100% Green-Hosted
✔️ 100% USA Built
✔️ Best Frameworks
✔️ 100% Cloud-Based
✔️ Smarter AI (hire us)


Privacy-first always! Core team of expert managers, developers and medical & healthcare ops researchers is formed. - 2013 (more About | Us)

Amazing Solutions

Privacy-first always! 30+ Apps APIs & AI. Covid-19 solutions/tools. Lots of integrations, research & consulting for apps, APIs & AI. Code. Build. Deploy. Sleep. Stay safe. Repeat. - 2013-2020

The Future

2022 & Beyond. Ramping it up!
Apps, APIs & AI. We launched our own coins, exchange, NFT marketplace & crypto mining. All integrating into our privacy-first, contactless & green carbon-negative tools/apps. (see more - posts & announcements)

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✔️ Please join the fight with us. It's a war and it's NOT over by any stretch of the imagination. Not even close.


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